Thursday, May 05, 2005

Soon to be Released: "Backdoor Sankey"

As a followup to one of Sankey's recent releases, Front Row Sankey, Jay is poised to release a new DVD titled "Backdoor Sankey". This new release will teach us all revolutionary techniques to cause magic buyers to bend over and take it up the tail pipe while we recycle and resell our three good ideas over and over and over again on no fewer than ten different DVDs! Then, for inspirational purposes, we will be treated to special bonus footage of Sankey performing live for Real Audiences in an attempt to show that even the creator of the effects cannot get a good reaction when performing!

Sounds to good to be true? Well, wait until you hear the price. How much would you spend for a DVD with the same effects on it as the DVD you bought last month? One hundred dollars? No. Fifty dollars? Not even close. You get all this for only $29.95! As a special bonus you get a second DVD absolutely free!!! That's right, you get a second DVD where you will learn 4,500 boring, uninspired tricks using only a fake accent and the Erdnase Color Change (accent not included).


Blogger Mojo said...

man, and I wanted to get Front Row....


3:09 PM  

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