Thursday, March 10, 2005

Worst Card Trick Ever

In the tradition of Ed Marlo and Dai "The Professor" Vernon, Penguin magic has released an very original card effect available for Instant Download. Penguin has taken a unique approach to in this new pasteboard masterpiece - an approach never even thought of by the two card legends mentioned above. Instead of releasing a hard hitting relevant piece of magic, Penguin has released a card effect that has no purpose, no meaning, no relevence, and compelety eliminates any element of mystery and wonder that so often just gets in the way of a good magic effect.

I introduce you to "Dating Service"

This has got to be the most insanely stupid card trick ever. The good news is, the deck has been thoroughly shuffled by the spectator - as mentioned in the video roughly 50 times. But so what? The specator picks the cards face up from the deck!

If anyone out there uses this effect please let me know so that I can kick you square in the ass. Believe me, the people watching you getting beaten will be more entertained by you crying in a puddle of your own piss and blood then if they watched you perform this trick.


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