Saturday, March 19, 2005

Three Person Telepathy

One of my absolute favorite mentalism effects is Anneman's "Fourth Dimensional Telepathy". However, it seems to me that the effect is too random and has no real focus. In essence, three people think of what appears to be random unrelated thoughts and the mentalist can read their minds/predict what they are thinking.

There are two things that I don't like about the original handling. First, there is no focus or theme to the effect. Each person thinks of something random and unrelated to what the others are thinking. I like my routines to be tightly focused and to have a general theme in order to keep the effect interesting. Second, in the original handling the first "thought" must be some sort of force whether it be a playing card or word from a book or whatever. Meanwhile, the other two "thoughts" can be freely selected. It never made much sense to me to have one person have to look in a book or choose a card while the others didn't have to do anything but think of a word or object. I decided to make my own presentation of this effect where the force make sense and a theme is added to the effect.

Orignally, I toyed with the idea of getting rid of the force all together Well, I guess not getting rid of the force but using a psychological force instead of a book or card or some other physical method. However, in the end I decided to keep in a force and to build my theme around that force. Basically, I have added a deck of special cards to the routine to give it a theme. The rest of the effect is performed exactly as the original so I will leave it to you to look up the original to apply my ideas.

Anyway, I took 25 blank face playing cards (of course, you could use index cards instead) and wrote five different phrases five times each. The words I wrote were these: Holiday, Vacation, Vehicle, Crime, Movie. Then I placed the cards in a repeating stack that I could easily memorize. The cards can now be cut as often as you would like and the stack will not be disturbed. These cards are now the themes of the effect.

I have the first spectator choose a card and show it to the other two spectators. Then the card is replaced in the pack and the pack is put away. Now, the first person has thought of the category. The second person is instructed to think of something specific relating to the category (i.e. if the category is "Vehicle" the second specator thinks of any type of vehicle whether its a car, horse, spaceship or whatever). The third person is asked to think of anything that relates the topic no matter how vague - just as long as it can relate to the category in some way. Then the mentalist (me) gets to reveal each of their thoughts.

The force is very easy. You can use any card force you like if you want the spectator to choose a specific topic. However, I do it a bit different. I have the cards mixed and then I spread out the cards in my hands and have the spectator choose one. I cut the cards where the spectator takes his card. Now, if I glimps the bottom card and I have my stack memorized I immediately know what card the spectator has. I prefer this method because I can offer a card in the fairest way possible and the outcome can be different everytime the effect is performed. I have plenty of time to get my glimps as I turn my back to the spectators as they are looking at the card.

I like this method because it takes the necessary force and turns it into a theme for the effect. I can patter about how its easier to read minds if everyone is thinking about the same topic. I personally believe that this plays better than just naming random things people are thinking. Form a logical standpoint it is probably more impressive to read random, unrelated thoughts of people. However, I think there is more drama and entertaiment if there is a theme.

Basically, my presentation of this effect is the exact same as the original. The only difference being that I introduce my "category cards" for the initial force and build the rest of the effect around whateve category the first person chooses. So, if you want to try my presentation all you need to do is write up the cards (you can use any categories not just the ones I use) and know the workings of "Fourth Dimension Telepathy".

I hope you try this and I hope you like it.


Anonymous guile said...

interesting read..

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Blogger Debby said...

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Blogger Brother Makarias said...

If you like this effect, you would be well served to look into Bob Cassidy's work on the effect. Pseudamentally Yours, The Art of Mentalism 1 & 2, One Man Billet Routines, and Magick and Mentalism all have variations. I do not reccomend buying from Bob as he is sinfully unreliable. Feel free to contact me for rescources.

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