Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sankey to Release NEW Product Very Soon!!

Finally it is here. The follow up to Sankey's breakthrough in sponge ball technology! You see, regular sponge balls are just too damn hard to handle. They roll around and they are not natural things to which a spectator can connect. So, Jay invents "EAR PLUGS!". They are a hoot because everybody LOVES ear plugs and they aren't so damn hard to work with as those spongy little balls. After all, most people only become familiar with the concept of a ball at childhood and almost all major sports use some sort of ball. Clearly, not many people will grasp the concept of the spongeball so it only makes sense to ditch the idea and use something more common.

After the success of "Ear Plugs", Sankey still wasn't happy. He needed something made of sponge that people actually used. Something that people could connect with on an intimate level. He searched the depts of his closet and, dare I say, his very soul and was inspired by His favorite Possession for the sponge routine of the next generation!

Imagine, you take out a large sponge Butt Plug and shove it up your spectator's ass. You dramatically say, "hold it...hold it....squeeze.....just a little longer. Do you feel it getting bigger?" and all of a sudden the spectator releases only to find that now there are at least 15 plugs in their ass!!! Or, alternatively, the original plug has somehow transformed into a GIGANTIC plug - maybe it even changes color from the traditional red to a darker color. I wouldn't say you finish clean, but the spectator is left with a great keep sake of their magical moment - something to show the grandchildren.

(I have it on good authority that Steve B...oh wait that is too obvious....lets call him S Brooks personally loves this effect and practices it in the mirror each night. You know, to make sure the all the angles are covered).

What's that? You love the idea but don't know if will fit in your act? Well, how could it not? There is even a version for you Gospel Magicians out there.

Can I get an Amen?


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