Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Kollosal Killer Presentation!

While looking around at other magic blogs, I came across "Magic Whack" (http://magicwhack.blogspot.com/) and discovered a very clever and new presentational idea for the Kollosal Killer:

"As much as I've picked on Kenton Knepper about some of the crap he's
published, I think he deserves massive respect for one thing. According to
secret sources, he can proudly tell people that he's got a 12 inch cock.
Actually its only 2 inches, but he's written "off by ten" in felt pen on the

While this approach is certainly interesting, I thought of a better way to present this effect. Instead of writing "off by ten" on the tip, Kenton should only write "off by one". When presenting this effect on stage, the spectator who sees this writing is left to think that "off by one" means that Kenton just forgot to write the number one in front of the two. Meanwhile, the rest of the audience will hear the specator read the words "off by one" and be lead to believe that Kenton's wang is 11 inches. It is a dual reality effect where the participant and the audience both precieve something different yet both are utterly unamazed - just like most of Kenton's stuff!

......eeew....I just thought about the poor spectator who gets called up on stage as a volunteer.


Blogger Brother Makarias said...

Possibly the funniest thing I've read lately.

5:07 AM  

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